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        Welcome to Devra Grooms

    Serving the grooming needs of East Arlington. TEXT ME TODAY To schedule an appointment at


 Open 8am - 3:pm Tue-Sat   Full Service Grooming includes: 
Blow dry
Nail dremel
Ear hair plucking
Ear cleaning
Glands Expression
Hair cut
Scissor work
Spritz conditioner

Base Price List: 
Toy Breeds:     $60-62*
Sm. Breeds:     $62-64*
Med. Breeds:    $64-75*
Lg. Breeds:      $88-97*

Teeth Brushing        $5

*All Base Prices Do Not Include: Matting,
Flea shampoo,Hand Scissoring, De-Shed Treatment or 
Teeth Brushing

*Only general prices are listed some prices may vary to do weight and coat texture.

Need just nails done?
Nail trim: Dog/Cat   $15
Nail Dremel Dogs    $25


                    Devra grooms accepts:
                      Zelle or Cash Only 

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